Front Range Market Summary

Market Summary:


In most segments the 2016 market is looking very similar to 2015 with a few exceptions:


  • % Of Units Under Contract: (larger markets only – Boulder/Denver)


    • Single Family Homes: With few exception, the % of homes currently under contract has decreased since last month.  Although the under contract %’s have decreased, almost all price segments of the market are very similar to the % under contract at this time last year.  


    • Attached dwellings (condo/townhome): The attached dwelling market is experiencing a very similar seasonal decline as compared to the single family home market.  The one exception to this seasonal decline is attached dwellings in Boulder over $1mm, which has much higher buyer demand than the same time last year.  


  • Current Inventory: The inventory of homes and condominiums for sale is similar in both the larger (Denver/Boulder) as well as the smaller sub-markets as compared to last month, and is almost identical to the same time last year.  The exceptions to this trend include Boulder and Erie, both of which have less inventory than this time last year.


  • Units Sold: The number of units sold for both single family homes and attached dwellings is similar to last month, as well as the same time last year.  May and June were the peak months for sales volume.  


  • Days to Offer:  The “Days to Offer” has decreased slightly in most single family home sub-markets, except for Erie where the days to offer increased slightly over the last 2 months.  The “Days to Offer” for attached dwelling has decreased for Boulder and Louisville, but has increased for Lafayette, Longmont and Superior  



  • Appreciation: (12 months, all markets)




  • Single Family Homes: 12.9%




  • Attached Dwellings: 19.59%



  • Other Notes: In the last 12 months, Superior has experienced the highest level of appreciation for both single family homes as well as attached dwellings, Louisville has experienced the lowest level of appreciation.  


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