The start of 2016 Stats & Market Update












Market Summary:

The single family home market data varied from the attached dwelling market in January 16’,

and also varied per county.

Boulder County experienced an overall increase in January sales volume for single family

homes, but a decrease in sales volume for attached dwellings. With the exception of City of

Boulder, the surrounding communities have less inventory as compared to the same time last

year. As a result of the lower inventory and significant buyer demand, it is not surprising that

values continue to rise at historic rates. In the last 12 months, Average price appreciation per

area is as follows:

Single Family Homes (average price appreciation):

 Boulder 17.7%

 Louisville 5.7%

 Lafayette 11.1%

 Superior 11.3%

 Erie 8.9%

 Mountains 5.9%

 Longmont 12.5%

Attached Dwellings (average price appreciation):

 Boulder 15.3%

 Louisville 15.9%

 Lafayette 9.7%

 Superior 7.5%

 Longmont 15.7%

In reviewing current buyer demand for January 2016, the demand is similar to this same time

last year for single family homes, but significantly higher for attached dwellings.

The Denver market is experiencing similar buyer demand for both single family homes and

attached dwellings as compared to the same time last year. However, both inventory and

sales volume are up substantially.

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