Overall Market Recap

Mt. Sanitas Valley Trail

Mt. Sanitas Valley Trail

The Boulder/Denver real estate data for early 2015 continues to show a very strong housing market with continued, and in some cases increased buyer demand, especially for single family homes in Boulder price under $500k.  We are beginning to see an increased level of single family home inventory in most market segments, the exceptions being Boulder and Lafayette.  Denver showed the strongest inventory gains with a 13.8% increase of homes for sale over last month.  The inventory of attached dwellings also increased in most market segments as compared to February (Denver again showing the strongest gains with an 18.6% increase over February of attached dwelling units).

Sales volume increased in almost all market segments on a month to month basis, which is historically consistent with the real estate selling season.  Although we are only using 3 months of data points for YTD sales information, both median and averages prices have increased substantially in Boulder and Denver.  I suspect part of the increased values can be attributed to the lack of lower priced inventory currently on the market, as owners are finding that increased rental rates make the more affordable homes good investment properties, and are choosing to rent instead of sell in some cases.

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