The sport of Ballooning in Colorado

Launching from East Boulder

I never knew that this hobby was considered a sport until I got to experience it first hand.  To my surprise on Sunday morning, my wonderful boyfriend (now fiance’), drove me to an open field in East Boulder, where several hot air balloons were waiting to be blown up and launched into the bright blue morning sky.

We made our way around to different groups of people that were there.  For some it was also a surprise, for others it was an annual event or just something to cross off of their bucket list.  As we wandered over to what would be our balloon, we got to know our pilot.  Dave has been ballooning since 1980 and shares the love of this hobby with his wife Sharon.  Both wonderfully quirky, genuine & kind, they made me feel at ease with the whole experience.  I’m not much on heights, but somehow i knew this wouldn’t be a problem.

Chris helping with the blowing up stage

As we got our instructions, i noticed that we were the only people that were to ride in this balloon…..SCORE!  Thinking it was all a coincedence, i look over at the other balloon filled with 12 people and just chuckle.

Our fellow ballooners

With all of the balloons ready to go, we sat and watched each of them take off into the air slowly.  Shortly behind, we started to rise as well.


Our view from above

Taking it all in, on what couldn’t be a more perfect morning for this, I turn around to see Chris on one knee with a ring in his hand.  I had absolutely no clue that this would happen, which made him very proud of his plan.

Celebrating with some campagne

Oh wait, I got off track from the point that i was trying to make.  Ballooning…a sport…yes~well our pilot told us a story of how him and some buddies nearly lost their lives ballooning around the world (hence the sport).  It was a thrilling and gripping tale, but i couldn’t start to give you any details because my head was literally in the clouds and my mind was flooded with the thought “we just got engaged!!!”.









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