With the hot days upon us an early AM hike or run is neccessary

Mt. Sanitas Valley Trail

Even though out here we have a “dry” heat, it’s still very very hot right in the middle of summer.  It’s hot EVERYWHERE right now!  I’ve decided to ditch my fancy gym & just get my exercise in nature.  It’s best to take advantage of living right next to a trail head & get the dog some exercise at the same time.  So with goals of getting out the door by 6:30am, 3 times a week, I’ve tried my best to keep up the momentum.  Having motivated friends come along helps tremendously!

Here’s a little blurb about this area from the City of Boulder website:


Sanitas Valley Trail is a wide, graveled trail heading north up the valley
between the Hogback Ridge and Mount Sanitas. It affords access to the Dakota
Ridge Trail to the east, the Mount Sanitas Trail to the west, the Hawthorne
Trail near its northeast terminus, and the East Ridge Trail at its northwest
terminus. It is heavily utilized by people walking their dogs.
Mount Sanitas
Trail is a moderate to difficult trail which meanders both sides of the ridge
leading to the summit of Mount Sanitas. The southern portion of the trail is
utilized as an access by climbers to several bouldering areas along the trail.
Access points to these bouldering areas are clearly marked and we ask your
cooperation that you only boulder in designated areas. This trail also provides
beautiful views to both the east and west.

Dakota Ridge Trail meanders the west side of the Dakota
Ridge through ponderosa pine stands. It is heavily utilized by
Hawthorne Trail is a steep and difficult trail leading down a narrow
gully before leveling to a more moderate incline. Its terminus is at the access
just west of Fourth Street on Hawthorne. East Ridge Trail connects the Sanitas
Valley Trail to the Mount Sanitas Trail at the north end of the mountain. It is
steep and difficult.

Centennial Trailhead, which is just west of the
Sanitas Trailhead, accesses the Red Rocks Trail and Anemone Hill Trail. Both
trails go south from the trailhead. The Red Rocks trail is 0.6 miles and gains
300 vertical feet. The trail climbs to a ridge, then to the fins of the Red
Rocks. After it passes a historic marker, the trail ends at Settlers’ Park.
Anemone Hill Trail climbs 0.4 miles up the hill west of the Red Rocks.


Mojo loves to hike, but that little sucker has no control when there are deer around.  So we’ve gone backwards from off leash hiking here to a very long leash.  There are lots and lots of deer around this area & occasionally you’ll hear about a mountain lion.  I’ve been lucky enough not to see the latter.

So get up and out early for a hike in the summer months.  It’s good for the mind, body & soul!  It’s also a wonderful start to the day 🙂  Have a great one!




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