Brewery Bike Tour

A couple Saturdays ago the sun was finally out & we had plans to guide a group of JMU Alumni down the bike paths to 4 different breweries.  One of the many  benefits of living here is that there are SO many microbrews  in this great state, you’ll never get bored with the beer.  The meeting place was 6th & Canyon.  Everyone was pumped and ready to cruise around in the sunshine.  With the boombox in my basket, we headed down the bike path to Avery.

You can check our their selection at

These delicious craft beers are a hit in Boulder and beyond.  A couple pints of these babies will set you right.  We enjoyed the outside seating & prompt and cheerful service.  But we had 3 more breweries to go.

Our next stop, Boulder Beer Company.  You can cruise their website to check out their stash-  They also offered an outdoor seating area that we took advantage of.

After some appetizers & a few pints we got back on the bikes for a short ride over to Twisted Pine Brewery.

Twisted Pine is a smaller tap room but they offer music on occassions and the beer is delightful.  They offer outside seating as well, but at this point it was sprinkling a bit so we stayed at the bar for this one.

Our last stop for the tour was the Mountain Sun  This is one of my favorite resturants in Boulder and a must see if you are visiting.  I make sure to stop by for lunch or dinner when i have a guest in town.  The staff is great and the food & beer are yummy.  We had a nice dinner and a couple more pints to finish things off.  What a fantastic group we had for this! 

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