Sip on some vino, paint a picture & socialize


Early Sunday afternoon a friend of mine called me up with an invitation to paint and drink wine. Yes please.  Inspired by a groupon she purchased, we trekked out to Erie and ended up at Whimsy.  To my suprise, it was delightful.  I know this sort of thing has been around and i fully agree that it’s a great idea, I just never made it out to an actual establishment focused on just that. I normally do this at home-minus the social part.

I have to say, i had a great time.  You pay a fee of $35-$45 (depending on the store) and get canvas, paints and a lesson that takes you step by step of whatever painting you signed up for (we did the Flatirons).

If you reside in Boulder County there are a couple of places i would suggest.  Make it a girls night, a date or a family outing.  It’s fun for everyone and will get your inspiration going to paint more and more.


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